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Spiritual Understanding

February 25, 2024
You learn contentment as you trust in the character of the Lord.

The Multifaceted Messiah

February 18, 2024
Jesus consistently cleanses you according to your need.

Clean Hands, Dead Heart

February 11, 2024
God desires your heart.

Amazement or Faith

February 4, 2024
Wait patiently as the Lord grows faith in you.

The Shepherd Feeds

January 28, 2024
Christ tends his flock with compassion.

The Heart Enslaved

January 21, 2024
Those who keep Christ at a distance never make their own decisions.

Rejected, with Authority

January 14, 2024
The Rejected Christ sends his people on mission.

Radically Simple Faith

January 7, 2024
Your faith must be radically simple.

New You, Old You

December 31, 2023
If Christ has made you new, put off the old.

Simeon’s Song

December 24, 2023
When you experience of comfort of God's work fulfilled, you rest in peace!
When you see God has joined your misery, you join his joy!
When God's faithfulness speaks louder than your doubts, you learn praise!
When faith in Christ speaks louder than your feelings, you find joy!

Of Bondage and Freedom

November 26, 2023
Surrender to the transforming power of Christ!

Faith in the Storm

November 19, 2023
Rest in the Lord of creation.

Thy Kingdom Come

November 12, 2023
You must treasure the ordinary.
Your life with Christ above fuels your life in Christ below.

The Soil of Your Heart

October 29, 2023
Receive the Word with a tender heart.

Blasphemy and Brotherhood

October 22, 2023
If you look to Christ as Lord, you learn to walk like your brother.

Built on the Ordinary

October 15, 2023
God uses the ordinary to accomplish the spiritually extraordinary.
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