God’s Presence

November 20, 2022
God intends to dwell with his people.

Called to Worship

November 13, 2022
In true Biblical worship, you meet and fellowship with the Living God.

Your Whole Heart

November 6, 2022
God's people enjoy His promises through active participation.

A Compassionate God

October 30, 2022
Those saved by God's grace must reflect the compassionate heart of the Father.

The Fruit of Love

October 23, 2022
Those in Christ bear the fruits of love.

Justice or Mercy

October 16, 2022
In God's law, the punishment must fit the crime. This week in Exodus, Pastor Zellner continues through 21:12-36, examining the principles of justice and mercy in the Old Testament civil…

Servants for Life

October 9, 2022
Those redeemed by God's love are servants forever.
Having just finished the 10 commandments, Israel reacts in a frightened manner and Moses mediates. In this passage, you see that your relationship with the Lord must be your first…

The Contented Heart

September 25, 2022
Within your heart and mind, cultivate contentment.

To Speak the Truth

September 18, 2022
In all your words, hold firmly to the truth.
In the 8th commandment, we are called to cultivate a spirit of stewardship.
Promote a heart of faithfulness and purity.
Promote a culture of love and life.
In the 5th commandment, we see that your attitude toward authority uncovers your posture toward the Lord.

To Imitate the Father

August 14, 2022
God blessed the Sabbath as a spiritual "reset!"

Honor God’s Name

August 7, 2022
We must honor God's name in all of life.
Worship God on His terms.

Deception of Perception

July 24, 2022
As God is your portion, your life is made content.

Glory to God Alone

July 17, 2022
This week, we come to the first commandment. Main idea: Worship and serve God alone.

Saved to Serve

July 10, 2022
The Law reflects the character of the law-giver, therefore God's law begins with the Gospel.
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