Those who love the Lord reflect his glory.
God's character must move you to faithfulness.
Trust the Lord, even when he "feels" far away.

His Servants, Your Savior

February 26, 2023
Your relationship with Christ comes at great cost...both to you and to Him.

Of Songs and Stories

February 19, 2023
Christ atones for sinners...only!

Another Fall of Man

February 12, 2023
Let their example lead to your instruction and encouragement.
Every meaningful gift requires proper stewardship.

Your Heart’s Direction

January 29, 2023
Redeemed at the cost of the blood of Christ, orient your heart toward the Father.

A Royal Priesthood

January 22, 2023
Through the blood of Christ, God ordained you, his priest.
To those in the outer court, God preaches a message of comfort.

Four Tabernacles

January 8, 2023
God overcomes every obstacle to dwell with His people.

The Art of Abiding

January 1, 2023
The art of abiding in Christ is the crux of the Christian life.
Treasure and ponder the Christ.
Make room for Jesus.

The Unexpected Jesus

December 11, 2022
Beholding Jesus' words and works strengthens your faith.

The Fruit of Repentance

December 4, 2022
As we begin our advent series, we consider John the Baptist, whose ministry prepared the way for Christ. Here, we learn that repentance must lead you to Christ.

Jesus’ Heart Poured Out

November 27, 2022
Jesus' effectual prayer secures believers' life and joy.

God’s Presence

November 20, 2022
God intends to dwell with his people.

Called to Worship

November 13, 2022
In true Biblical worship, you meet and fellowship with the Living God.

Your Whole Heart

November 6, 2022
God's people enjoy His promises through active participation.
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