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Biblical Expository Preaching: A church that believes in preaching sequentially through the books of the Bible carefully explaining, illustrating, and applying the text to the congregation.

Biblical Worship: A church that loves the forms of liturgy of the historic, Reformed tradition and by conviction desires to see the focus of worship on God.

Biblical Theology: A church committed to the theology of the Westminister Confession of Faith as the most faithful summary of the teachings of Scripture.

Biblical Holiness: A church that encourages its members to embrace the sancifying power of the Holy Spirit and to grow in personal holiness.

Biblical Evangelism, Church planting and Missions: A church committed to the spread of the gospel in the Auburn community and throughout the world through support of foreign missions and local church planting.

Biblical Discipleship: A church committed not merely to numerical growth in the congregation but real spiritual depth in its membership.

Biblical Wisdom: A church that understands the times while simultaneously ministering in a university environment and maintaining Biblical commitments to truth.

Biblical Community: A Church with a multi-generational approach to ministry. While we believe that God has instituted the covenant family